Cactus Souss

Moroccan Cactus

Moroccan Cactus oil, also known by the Name ‘’Barbary fig’’, is considered as the most effective anti aging and face treatment product.

It is rich of vitamins, including; Omega 9, Omega 6 and vitamin E.

These products are totally Natural and under the survey of ecocert one of the great certification bodies.

In order to extract one single Liter, we need 800 kg Cactus fruits.

In order to collect this amount of Barbary fig, rural women need a lot of time and Hard work besides to great patience in sunny und very hot weather;

approximately 40º. These are among the factors that made Cactus oil very expensive.


Due to overwhelming worldwide demand of Cactus oil in various fields including beauty and medicine, we are taking the opportunity to afford

our clients with 100% pure and certified oils and other product.

Your health is our concern.
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