Argan Souss

Moroccan ARGAN

Argan trees grow wild in Souss Mountains in Morocco. In these trees, we extract hard fruits, composed of hard shell ans seeds.

These seeds are the source of the presious Argan Oil.

Moroccans have been using Argan oil, as natural cosmetic and hair conditioner, since hundreds of Centuries.


In order to collect one kilogram kernels, we need 30 kilograms of argan fruits. in order to get one liter oil, we need 2,6 kilogram kernels.

Berber women, meet each other, in a traditional place. They use stones to break argan fruits.

Then it comes to the next step of cleaning and selecting the good quality of kernels and bringing them to the company in order to extract oil.

This golden oil is used in producing natural and biological soaps, creams and other cosmetic products.
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