The Story

As a tourist guide, leading his clients every now and then in the mountains of Atlas and rural areas of Souss, he discovered Argan and Safran. These trees and plants are now among the most used Products in the field of Health care . These magical trees and plants raised his curiosity and led him deciding to Study the field of beauty.

Youssef has spent many years, to deeply, discovering the secrets of Argan. After 12 years of experience and working with Argan; Youssef Laachir felt the value of this golden oils and decided to create his own Company.

By these precious argan, cactus, Safran and water of roses, we produce various cosmetic and alimentary products including massage oil, anti age creams, anti spots creams and Soaps , which are now among the best and natural products throughout the world. It has been a painstaking project of great patience and devotion governed by an over-riding aim. This Project had helped in the development of rural women, by offering them an opportunity of having a job and decreasing the rate of joblessness among the rural women; especially in the region of Souss and Kelaa Mgouna.

Youssef, with a wave of his magic wand, brought back to rural women the hopeful smile and the hope of living an autonomy life, far from relaying on their Husbands and fathers. You can find more Information and details about our products above in our website. If you are looking for natural products, without any chemicals; you are in the right place. For more information or responding to your questions, our professionals are ready to help you find your suitable products.

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